Technological design by one, inspired by many

Hard- and software design driven by passion and creative perseverance. Technological Engineering and Entrepreneurship. Those words describe me, the owner of StellarTeq. Specialised in embedded systems and Android apps. Inventions made by me, for you. More

App design

Tradfri Remote for Android. Enables faster IKEA Trådfri light and plug control. You don't even need to unlock your phone. Select which Trådfri devices react to different controls (lockscreen, shake and/or fingerprint). Includes full color (RGB) control, scenes and geofencing.

Tradfri Remote

App design

DropNotes for Android. Create and edit notes on your phone, tablet and PC. Keep your notes organized with simplicity. Includes color marking, hyperlinking, fingerprint security and encryption. Your notes into the cloud with the press of one button.


App design

UpSync for Android. A picture is worth a thousand words. Keep it safe! Transfer images, videos and contacts automatically to the cloud. Set timers, WiFi and charge requirements. UpSync can backup external SD cards to keep all your holiday pictures safe too. All when you are sleeping.